About Philip
About me
I am Philip Scala. I am a photographer, at least in my own mind. I have been working at the art and science of photography for the better part of 50 years.
I have shot film and was never very accomplished with my efforts over all with film. Raising a family and having a career got more attention than did my photography for many years. This is probably a good thing.
I reconnected with photography in the late 1990’s. I purchased a Nikon D100 digital camera and became fascinated with digital photography. I purchased Photoshop CS7 and the Camera Raw plug-in and was on my way to trying to master photography in the digital world.
So now I have many years of experience working in Photoshop as a hobby and as part of my employment for 17 years in the color printing industry. I have upgraded my camera hardware several times since the D100 and like all other photographers seem to be always looking for something new.
I was a partner in a photography business for several years known as CMI Photography. We specialized in event photography specializing in motor sports. We did a very good job even if I do say so myself.
Now I am retired and a photo enthusiast that enjoys travel and sports photography. I have learned way more than I ever thought possible over the years and continue to teach myself technology and application. This web presence is not so much to sell images but to share and participate in the community of photography.
Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you enjoyed what is on display here.